Sharp Intelligent Print Services (IPS) has been precisely engineered to assist complex organizations to develop and implement an effective print and copy strategy. The intended results includes increased visibility and heightened control over services, higher user satisfaction, boosted device availability, environmental efficiencies and significant cost reductions.

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Sharp Manage Print Services MPS

Significance of Intelligent Print Services

Most organizations have no idea about how much print waste their employees are producing, no visibility on which printers are performing unproductively and has high overhead maintenance cost.

With the lack of security measures, breach may occur which can negatively affect the whole organization.

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Intelligent Print Services provide problem free print and copy services, with all required functionalities close to users at any location.

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IPS includes automated replenishment of all supplies and consumables, remote device management with automated alerts for service disruptions

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Reduce security risk by applying security policies which restricts unauthorized access.